Revenue Generation

The bottom line for all companies that want to stay in business is revenue generation.

Prospect Generation

This is when you use the Web to bring you leads and provide information to support the sale. Then you close the sale by phone, e-mail, or face-to-face. Many small businesses, especially service businesses, use this model successfully.
A main tool for the prospect generation model businesses is a carefully designed online response form. E-mail links allow people to contact you, but the online form allows you to structure the information people give you, so you can qualify the prospect and know how to respond.

If yours is the kind of business where people take a while to come to a decision, or need customized information before they purchase that can only be supplied by a real human being, then prospect generation is probably your main revenue model. This is especially true of products that are a high price or need customization.

You can do a great deal to support the sale, however, by providing a wealth of information online. You may think that if you tell them everything they need to know, they won't phone you, and therefore won't be able to complete the sale. This is sometimes true, however, increasingly, if the prospect doesn't find the information on your site, he'll surf until he finds it on your competitor's site, and then call your competitor instead of you. One of the rules of Internet business is that your competitor is only a click away. Your online presentation and information should be so complete and compelling that your prospect has no need to leave.

Sales Transactions

The real promise of the Internet, is its ability to extend your company's reach beyond your present market area. If you can sell products or services on the Web that can be delivered outside your geographical area, then the world is your marketplace.

Business-to-business e-commerce is growing even faster than online retail; nearly 80% of online transactions are between businesses.

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