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SAM365 specializes in the web design techniques needed to deliver results. Our web design service ensures that we design your website so that it centers around your goals, not ours. We can assist you with establishing your goals to ensure your design carries the right balance of:-
  • Market / product / competitor research
  • Website development design and maintenance
  • Brand Development
  • Traffic Generation
  • Sales / Lead Generation

Build it and they will come!

If you work on this philosophy, you'll be very disappointed with the results. Unless your brand is on a par with that of or, you will have to work on your E-presence.

Where we can help is by showing you how to get new targeted customers to your website, make sure that your existing customers can find you and that when potential visitors arrive at your site, that they will be most likely to take the action you want them to - from telling their friends how impressive your site is, to placing an order online. Search engines use robots to index every page of your site based on complex algorithms unique to each engine. Robots don't see your site the way a human eye does and so the design of your site should always be on two levels, one for the human visitor or surfer, and the other for the robot ! We can explain how your site looks to a robot and help you to change it so that the robot sees what your customers see

What you'll need:

A Site that Sells - Website Design Centered around your goals

  • Good Web Design
  • Simple Navigation
  • Clear Pricing
  • Stated Benefits
  • "Stickiness"
  • Action Links
  • Strong conversion rates

Traffic Generation - Optimising your site for search engines

  • Domain Name
  • Search Engine Presence
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Placement
  • Link popularity

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Thanks for designing a site that brings us into the 21st Century! and for your patience & help along the way.

Mike - Systems Administrator,
Bristol Bending

I wish to thank Annette Read at S.A.M. 365 Ltd, for assisting me in discovering the source of the problem. Annette, thank you very much for your help. Your suggestion did the trick.

Kenneth L. Anderson,
President - Ten Spider Enterprises
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