Accessibility Statement

At SAM365, we are committed to serving all of our customers equally.

Following the publication of PAS 78 Guide to good practice in commissioning accessible websites, developed in conjunction with the Disability Rights Commission (DRC), SAM365 is working towards full compliance with the consensus on accessibility best practice as detailed in this document.

We have attempted to comply specifically with:
Priority 1 and 2 guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and, where possible, Priority 3 guidelines.

If you have difficulty accessing the site or have any comments or feedback on how we can improve your online experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have undertaken the following actions to ensure equal access to our services from our website.:

How Information is Conveyed

No information is exclusively conveyed using colour. This doesn't mean that colours are not used to organise information, instead it means there are also other, non-colour dependent ways of doing so.

All images, where appropriate, have an alternative text attribute. This means that when an image is conveying important information its content is described with an alternative text. If an image is used for decorative purposes only, the text attribute for the image will be left blank. Complex images include LONGDESC attributes or inline descriptions to explain the significance of each image to non-visual readers.

The text on our web site is resizable to assist those with visual impairment.

Style and Navigation

We use style sheets for layout and presentation of the site and have ensured that the site is still useable with style sheets turned off and, additionally, it has a "skip  navigation to content" link to enable easier viewing.

A link to details of how to contact us for further information offline is provided from every page.

Style of navigation remains consistent through the website.

We provide a visual navigation trail on every page to show where you are within our site's navigation structure.

Access Keys are used on main pages of our site to enable the use of keyboard shortcuts for navigating.

Access Granted

Our pages are designed so that they are without horizontal scrollbars at screen resolutions of 1024x768 and above.

We provide a choice of syle sheets to assist those using small screens and those with visual impairments


Where individual features make use of functions that do not comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines we have made sure that there are alternative routes provided to the information

Our site is designed to work with the most popular and readily available web browsers. That is Internet Explorer, versions 6 and 7 and Firefox version 1.5+

These browsers represent 88.5% of internet users as of March 2007 according to W3Schools Browser Statistics

We have also carried out successful design testing on the following browsers and operating systems

  • SeaMonkey 1.1.1 on PLD Linux
  • SeaMonkey 1.0.8 on PLD Linux
  • Phoenix 0.5 on PLD Linux
  • Phoenix 0.4 on PLD Linux
  • Phoenix 0.3 on PLD Linux
  • Phoenix 0.2 on PLD Linux
  • Phoenix 0.1 on PLD Linux
  • Mozilla 1.7.13 on Ubuntu Edgy
  • Mozilla 1.6 on PLD Linux
  • Mozilla 1.5 on PLD Linux
  • Mozilla 1.4.2 on PLD Linux
  • Mozilla 1.3.1 on PLD Linux
  • Mozilla 1.2.1 on PLD Linux
  • Mozilla 1.1 on PLD Linux
  • Mozilla 1.0.2 on PLD Linux
  • Flock 0.7.12 on PLD Linux
  • Firefox 3.0a3 on PLD Linux
  • Firefox on PLD Linux
  • Firefox 1.0.8 on PLD Linux
  • Firebird 0.7 on PLD Linux
  • Firebird 0.6.1 on PLD Linux
  • Epiphany 2.16 on Ubuntu Edgy
  • Safari 2.0 on Mac OS X
  • Firefox 2.0 on Windows XP
  • MSIE 7.0 on Windows Server
  • MSIE 5.5 on Windows Server
  • MSIE 6.0 on Windows XP
  • MSIE 5.01 on Windows Server
  • Firefox on Windows XP
  • Konqueror 3.5.5 on Debian Etch
  • Opera 9.10 on PLD Linux
  • Firefox on Ubuntu Dapper
  • Galeon 2.0.2 on PLD Linux
  • Iceweasel on Debian Etch
  • Epiphany 2.14 on PLD Linux

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Thanks for designing a site that brings us into the 21st Century! and for your patience & help along the way.

Mike - Systems Administrator,
Bristol Bending

I wish to thank Annette Read at S.A.M. 365 Ltd, for assisting me in discovering the source of the problem. Annette, thank you very much for your help. Your suggestion did the trick.

Kenneth L. Anderson,
President - Ten Spider Enterprises
Posted on W3C Public Archives

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