All About SheepDogs and Cannington Old Students Association Testimonials

We love hearing from customers who've been pleased with our services. Here are two testimonials from a wonderful client who gave us two projects to work on:-

Annette, I cannot thank you enough for the care and attention you have paid to the construction of both these sites. 'Over and above the call of duty' I would say!...

AASD Design For All About Sheepdogs, SAM 365 has created a traditional, user friendly site using the my own text. The site is traditional, fresh, eye catching but not gaudy, says what it means and is already working well after only 2 months on-line.
Praise for its design and content is arriving from all over the world, particularly so from the International Sheep Dog Society with which it is linked.
What impressed me from the start has been the professional approach to gaining my confidence as a customer who knew nothing about websites. Annette met me at my home with a list of prepared questions so that our first session together was totally structured. The answers I gave created an insight into my requirements for the proposed site and gave me total confidence about the outcome. Further meetings were arranged as the site became a living entity to determine structure, content and my own input. Ideas that I had about the design were considered professionally by Annette and agreement was always mutual and satisfying to us both. She kept in touch with me throughout the process and advised me at every point of construction.
Annette is successful because she takes a completely personal interest in you and your site using her intuition and empathy. She also provides training for site management but is always on hand if one is stuck! Annette is the ideal website designer for those people who need a hand to be held!
Altogether my website has exceeded all my expectations and I am entirely satisfied with the whole package presented by SAM 365.

Caroline Woolley
All About SheepDogs

COSA Design Thanks to SAM 365 Cannington Old Students Association has a beautifully crafted (and green) small static website enabling ex-students of Somerset Farm Institute/Cannington College in Somerset to retain an identity and to access information about other ex-students and staff and to obtain copies of ‘A Chronicle of Cannington’.
SAM 365 has incorporated the essential elements of Cannington the college, so that anyone accessing the site can identify their particular ‘era’.

Annette and I had already worked together in the creation of my own website so she had a fair idea about how I think! Again, she gave close attention to detail, a sympathetic view of the possible readership, understanding and collaboration of any ideas I had even at late stages of production and I enjoyed a totally happy experience
I had waited for six years to make a reality. The wait has been worthwhile!

Caroline Woolley
Cannington Old Students Association

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