Magic's Hydrotherapy Pool Testimonial

We love hearing from customers who've been pleased with our services. Here's a testimonial from one of our favourite clients:-

Having built up a successful small business in the relatively new field of dog hydrotherapy, over the years I became quite set in my ways with regards to attracting new customers. A friend persuaded me that I really should consider getting my own web site, I realised this was a good idea but had no idea where to start.

Annette and her fantastic Dalmatian Alfie came to my pool for some swims and we got talking. Annette offered to set me up a professional site for what sounded like a very reasonable cost. I had no idea where to start even but Annette guided me through the whole process and managed to decipher all of my vague and unspecific requests.

Annette asked me to look at some web sites that I liked the style and presentation of regardless of their content. She was on my wavelength straight away, this was probably the key to the success of the site and made me realise straight away that I had done exactly the right thing seeking the services of Annette's Company.

Magis Pool DesignMy web site was ready in no time, Annette had loads of ideas such as a FAQ page, how best to present photographs and loads of advice but the site was very much to my specification, she even designed the pool our own logo which Alfie was kind enough to model for at no charge.

As a side line to the hydrotherapy business I have a holiday caravan which is advertised on the web-site. Through this advertising alone the caravan was nearly fully booked until December 2007 by the start of May 2007 and the hydrotherapy business continues to thrive with a large percentage of new clients arriving better informed about all aspects of what to expect during their visit and frequently commenting on how much they enjoyed looking at my web site.

Totally professional, totally intuitive, totally patient, thank-you Annette.

Pam Graham,
Magic’s Hydrotherapy Pool,

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